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Even though the Limon Heritage Museum is closed for the season, there is still a great deal of community bustling within the museum walls and Town of Limon. As we go into the end of the year, the Museum Complex expects to see major changes within the facility once the new addition is erected and new exhibits are developed for the 2014 season.

The displays in the Exhibit Building present a fascinating chronicle of Limon's development and provide the visitor with a "you are there" sense of Limon's growth depicting a small town's changes. See historic photos and stories of Main Street, the town movers and shakers, Gates Merchantile, the 1930's prairie home, legendary ranches, and innovative wheat farmers. See the popular Changing Exhibits Gallery which has new exhibits professionally displayed. See award-winning photos of the "Shortgrass Prairie", displays of growing wheat, and the area ranches. Learn more.

The Rock Island Limon Depot building was used as a station by both the Union Pacific and Rock Island railroads. Featured within are the original offices, charming waiting room, ticket windows, register room, and baggage room with an innovative tribute area. Although the depot restoration for the most part follows the original uses of the building, the locker room has been totally recycled as an innovative home for the town's distinctive Daniel Houtz Native American Collection. A visitor to this exhibit is transported back thousands of years to the Cliff Dweller, Southwest Desert, Membres-Mogollon, Caddo, and plains cultures. This sensational exhibit has been professionally designed by a team of artists and archaeologists and is well worth a visit to the Depot. Learn more.

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