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Thurs - Sat, 1pm to 7pm; Sun, 1pm to 4pm

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The Gardens

What started as landscaping around and near the railroad depot has evolved into many different gardens. There two arbors, numerous statues, a butterfly garden, and much more. There is always something blooming through out the season. Come sit in one of the arbors to read or have lunch. Need a backdrop for family photos? The gardens are perfect.

lattice arbor with wooden bench

Rose Garden and Arbor - In 1998, the Rose Garden and Arbor were dedicated to the Stones and the Christensens. It was developed with assistance from the Colorado Garden and Home Show organization. In addition to roses, the iris are beautiful in the spring. flourish

Exhibit Building Gardens and Pergola - An extensive garden lies around and west of the Exhibit Building. Included in the gardens are two memorial brick plazas, with the newest a part of the Tom Hilferty Memorial Pergola. The pergola was a gift of the Limon High School class of 2006. flourish

A bumble bee gathering nectar in deep pink tea roses in our Rose Garden
pink cone flowers, purple butterfly bush, and purple gayfeather stalks in the Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden - Alongside the newest addition of the Exhibit Building is the Butterfly Garden. The garden was made possiby by a grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation. Bright, colorful flowers such as cone flowers and butterfly bushes were planted, along with milkweeds. When in full bloom, come watch for various kinds of butterflies and moths. flourish

Sculptures - Three sculptures reside in the gardens. The largest, "Prairie Odyssey", is by Herb Mignery. It came to the museum from the former owner of Arbys. "Young Visions" is by Brenda Daniher. The young girl and her dog sit on a marble bench given to the museum by the Ted Spaid family. The newest sculture, "Founder's Legacy", also by Brenda Daniher, is of a young boy playing his violin, a tribute to founder Harold Lowe. flourish

Young Visions statue of girl with long braids, sitting crosslegged with on open book on her lap and petting her dog.
The front of the Exhibit Building with a Facebook Like thumbs up.