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Rock Island Railroad Depot

After the first 2 wooden depots were consumed by fire, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad rebuilt the depot in 1910 using brick. More about the history of the depot, shared by the Rock Island and Union Pacific railroads, can be found through out the depot. The empty depot was leased to the Town of Limon for 100 years. From 1989 to 1991, it was used for the Twilight Limited Train Rides. After the 1990 tornado, the Limon Heritage Society began renovations in order to use it as a museum. It is one of only three remaining Rock Island depots in the state of Colorado. In 2010, the depot was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Railroad depot station master's desk with open log book.

Depot Office - One of the original desks, used by the local station master, was given to the museum for use in the depot. Old log books, typewriters, and other office equipment can be found in the Depot Office as well as in the Operations Room. Behind the desk are orignal cabinets designed to hold forms and other paper work in flat drawers and narrow shelving. flourish

Daniel Houtz Native American Collection - Dan Houtz was a pharmacist in Limon from roughly 1925. He was an avid collector of Native American items from small arrow points to clay pots. His interest in artificats lead him to work with the University of Colorado on numerous dig sites.

Dan donated his vast collection, which had graced his drug stores, to the Town of Limon. When the museum opened, his collection was loaned to the museum and put on display in what was the worker's locker room area. In 2008, the Limon Heritage Society recieved a grant to renovate the display. Diaramas were constructed to represent the different Native cultures the artifacts were used by. flourish

Collection of Native American artifacts from the southwest in a diarama showing the interior of a dirt and stone home.
A Rock Island train approaches the Limon depot from the southwest while an UP train gets ready to depart to the northwest in this N-scale model layout of Limon in the 1940's.

Model Trains - An N-scale model train layout, in the baggage and work room of the depot, represents the railroads and the depot in Limon during the 1940's. Above the display is a panorama of Limon in that era. The hotels lining the street facing the depot are now all gone, but some of the other features still exist. A Union Pacific train and a Rock Island train circle in a double figure 8, taking turns crossing at the intersection next to the depot. To the right of the layout is a static display, Trains through Time, showing N-scale models for the Rock Island and the Union Pacific. flourish

The front of the Exhibit Building with a Facebook Like thumbs up.