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The Train Cars

What would a railroad depot museum be without train cars? We are lucky to have several that we can open during the summer season. The last, regular pasenger train stopped in Limon in 1966. The last frieght train to use the depot was in 1980. Visible in the rail yard are various railroad items, including signals and a wooden water tower, a sheep herder's wagon, and a chicken coop.

snowplow surrounded by sunflowers

Wedge Snow Plow - This Rock Island snowplow, #95580, started out as a Vanderbuilt steam enginee tender built before 1920. It was then converted into a "loaf of bread" tender. If you took off the snow plow, do you see the bread loaf shape?

As steam engines disappeared, tenders were converted to new uses. In 1951, #95580 was converted by the Rock Island into a snow plow, and is one of only three that had an observer's cabins behind the plow. When it arrived at the museum it was painted in the Union Pacfic's black and white pattern, but now it proudly wears Rock Island colors once again. flourish

Dining Car - The blue dining car was originally a 14-section Pullman Sleep Car, built in 1914. It still bears the Pullman plaque. It was put in service with the Great Northern Railroad. In 1939, it saw a conversion to a Tourist Car with seating and used for passenger service until 1956. It was then converted into a MoW (Maintenance of Way) diner/office car for Great Northern to feed work crews. In 1970, is was sold to a private individual. Prior to coming to Colorado, the car was used on the Cadillac and Lake City Railway as part of a tourist train in Michigan.

From 1989 to 1991, it was used on the Twilight Limited Train Rides at the Limon depot. The dining car still sees use from time to time, including the annual Pie Sale during Heritage Day. It is available for parties and other suitable events.

Gracing the walls of the dining car are numerous black and white photos. Some depict scenes around Limon. Others are pictures of the havoc flood waters can have on the railroad. flourish

interior of dining are showing the lunch counter and stools
yellow and red UP Caboose

Caboose - This class CA-9 steel caboose, #25670, was in service with the Union Pacific from 1967 until 1989. It is complete with a 2 seat cupola and conductor's seat. There was room to sleep, as the brakeman and conductor essentially lived in the caboose during their shifts. The caboose was given to the Limon Chamber of Commerce by the Union Pacific. flourish

Milwaukee Road Combine REA Car - #2758, built in 1937, was used by the Milwaukee Road railroad as a Railway Express Agency (REA) car as well as a baggage car. The REA was "the" way to ship express parcels back in the day. Next to the car are several REA freight and baggage carts.

This car came to Limon as part of the Twilight Limited Train Rides. In 1991, it was acquired by the museum. Currently, the interior has not been restored and it is not open for viewing. flourish

a green and orange baggage cart sitting in from of orange and red baggage car